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Diamond is the highest vibrating crystal. The diamond is associated with kingship, priesthood and power. In Sanskrit it is called vajra, which means “thunderbolt.” It has been called adamant, which stems from the Greek word adamas signifying the “unconquerable.” In ancient times, the diamond was said to endow the wearer with superior strength, fortitude and courage, to strengthen body and mind, induce purity and fearlessness, and defend against enemies. Edgar Cayce said the diamond was good for attunement with infinity.

Diamond is the focus of God’s will. It assists us in carrying the power, alignment and balance of the Alpha-Omega, Father-Mother God centered in the throat chakra. This stone is used especially by El Morya, the lord of the first ray, but it is also used by the lords of all of the rays.

Diamond has a tradition of embodying the power of God, and so we speak of the diamond heart of Mary as the diamond heart of her devotion to the will of God.


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, October 18, 1987.