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The inner design of the flag of America as it will appear in the golden age has gold stripes in place of the red, representing enlightenment and the gold of the Blood of Christ—the Life-essence of Spirit (Alpha). The white stripes represent the path of initiation and the ascension, the purity of the Mother (Omega). The thirteen bands symbolize the return of the twelve tribes and the thirteenth, the Melchizedekian priesthood—the order of Christed ones in the service of the lightbearers.

In the Cave of Symbols, Saint Germain’s retreat in North America, the master keeps the flags of all of the nations of the world—the flags as they are today, and also the inner matrix of each flag as it is intended to be in the golden age. The flag as it is today is the tie to the human consciousness, and the matrix of what is to be is the point of attainment in the Christ consciousness. Saint Germain says that the flag of every people is the symbol of their attainment in the Christ in their group karma and their group dharma.


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Elizabeth Clare Prophet, October 13, 1975.