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The Solar Logoi are cosmic beings who transmit the light emanations of the Godhead flowing from Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun to the planetary systems. They are also called Solar Lords.

The Solar Logoi maintain the tone and the sound of the Logos, or Word, that sustains the creation. We are all a part of the vastness of the Solar Logoi, and they are a part of us.

We look to the Solar Logoi as the great cosmic teachers at the summit of hierarchy from whom our dispensations originate. (A dispensation is a grant of energy that we can use to fulfill our mission and serve others on this planet who need this energy.) The dispensations we receive start with the Solar Logoi and move through the Great Cosmic Council to the Four and Twenty Elders, to the Lords of Karma and then to an individual master who delivers them to his disciples. The dispensations of the Solar Logoi are for the advancement of the peoples of earth. They are opportunities for souls of light to come up higher and accelerate on their path.

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