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These Essenes considered themselves to be the inheritors of the dispensation of the children of Israel. They considered themselves to be the only true Israelites. They called themselves the Church of God’s Elect. They lived a very stringent code of ethics and they have left records of their hierarchical structure including advancement within the community based on personal application and personal initiation. Jesus could not have founded Christianity as a brotherhood or a community had it not come out of this foundation.
The teachings of the ascended masters continue the tradition begun by the Essenes. [[Mother Mary ]] has stated:
<blockquote>Do you know, precious hearts, the angelic hosts of light who assisted in the releases of the [[Brotherhood ]] that have come to be known as the Dead Sea Scrolls (the releases to the Essene community)—those angelic hosts have watched with great rejoicing as those same teachings which have now been brought forth in the Everlasting Gospel of God, ''Climb the Highest Mountain'', have been spread abroad in the hearts and minds of those who are now reading that precious book.<ref>{{MMN}}, pp. 299–300.</ref></blockquote>
Mark Prophet’s message regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls is that “in them you will find our own community of our own Brotherhood of light. This is where we were together. This is where we anticipated the coming of our Lord. This is our reason for being today. This is our true theology, a more accurate theology of Christ’s message than that which has been preserved in the four gospels.”

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