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The “Devil” was Lucifer, and the surviving fallen angels that were under him are all called devils, Lucifer’s seed still outranking the seed of the lesser powers and principalities of Darkness. Even so, in their personification of [[Evil]], or the Energy Veil, those who deified and were the embodiment of Absolute Evil were referred to by the generic term “devil.”
Both Lucifer and Satan and their various lieutenants have been referred to in scripture as the adversary, the accuser of the brethren, the tempter, the [[Antichrist]], the personification of the [carnal mind ]] of mankind, i.e., the planetary [[dweller-on-the-threshold]], [[Serpent]], the beast, the dragon, etc.
== The Final Judgment of Satan ==
<blockquote>Therefore, let it be known that the remanding of Satan to that court, where the Lord Sanat Kumara presides in the presence of the Four and Twenty Elders, has resulted in his final judgment. Therefore rejoice, O ye heavens and the earth! For that power of Satan is bound, and that Fallen One is judged and will no more go forth among the inhabitants of this or any other world to tempt them against the Person of the Lord Christ!...</blockquote>
<blockquote>This event marks the second in the occurrence of the final judgment of the fallen ones by the work and the hand of our [[two witnesses]], as the call has gone forth. You are aware of the judgment, the binding, and the second death of Lucifer.<ref> Isa. 14:12. On April 26, 1975, Lucifer was sentenced to the second death. His final judgment was announced by Alpha on July 5, 1975. See Alpha, “The Judgment: The Sealing of the Lifewaves throughout the Galaxy,” and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, July 6, 1975, “Antichrist: The Dragon, the Beast, the False Prophet, and the Great Whore,” in {{GWB}}</ref></blockquote>
<blockquote>Therefore, now be aware of the binding and the judgment and the second death of Satan. Understand that the hour of the second death is following the trial at the court of the [[God Star]]. Thus, we have heard and we have borne our witness as to the influence not only of Satan but of the race of his seed called the [[Satans]], who have infiltrated every corner of this galaxy and beyond.</blockquote>
<blockquote>Therefore, these who yet strut on earth and other planetary homes remain in that state of an accelerated dissolution and a deceleration. They have lost the impetus of the original seed and the one who held for them that comparable manifestation which my Sacred Heart holds for you.</blockquote>
<blockquote>This one, beloved hearts, has been the personal adversary of my lifestream and all who have come in the fullness of my joy. This occurrence, then, long anticipated and awaited by myself, will result in a new surge of power, wisdom, love, ''healing'', [[transmutation]], contact with my own through the blessed [[threefold flame ]] of all hearts who are united with me!</blockquote>
<blockquote>Blessed ones, though that seed is no more in its original manifestation, yet the stalking of the earth by those who are the copies of the original remains a point of alert to the faithful and a sign that, in the hour of their own dissolution, there is the ranting and the raving in those moments before the interior deterioration will manifest also in the final judgment that is become physical. Thus, all who were his seed and are his seed have also been judged at inner levels with him, for they are one and the same manifestation! But in the physical octave, there is yet the residual manifestation of these lifewaves.</blockquote>
== Sources ==

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