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There is a great cosmic bank in the [[Great Central Sun]], and the energy from that bank can be assigned to anyone who has dedicated himself selflessly to God and in the service of God. At these times of the year all of mankind and the entire planet are weighed, and according to mankind’s efforts, so are allotments of energy given by the hierarchy.
In deciding where to allocate this energy, the Lords of Karma review the past. They look to see what you have done with the allotment of energy you have been given since you were born and in other lives. There is an ascended master angel called the [[Keeper of the Scrolls]] who reviews the records at any moment when an ascended master may call for the record of a lifestream.
We have an advocate with the Father who is Jesus Christ.<ref>I John 2:1.</ref> There are other ascended beings who also sponsor ascended or embodied lifestreams who are aspiring to attain and who need a little help, a little push, a little energy. Sometimes these masters give their entire mantle. Sometimes they give a jewel of light. Sometimes they give a certain quotient of energy. This is done with the approval of the Lords of Karma.

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