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The impact of Mother Mary’s service and intercession throughout the centuries is almost incalculable. She urges us to fast and pray and to give the rosary. Mother Mary has said:
<blockquote>I extend to you, then, access by the rosary—''by the rosary''—to my causal body, to the attainment on those fourteen stations that I have gained throughout my long spiritual history. I give you, therefore, the opportunity to receive that power and attainment that God has given me as my great Teacher. And as I am his servant, this I transmit to you that it might become close to the physical world and the physical problem through your own physical body and heart.<ref>Mother Mary, “To Prick the Conscience of the Nations,” {{POWref|27|48|, September 30, 1984.}}</ref></blockquote>
== Mary’s service today ==

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