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=== Mother of King David ===
In the days of the prophet [[Samuel]], Mary was called to be the wife of Jesse and the mother of his eight sons. Ever fulfilling her role as the Mother ray, Mary, in this incarnation of her soul on earth, magnified the light of the seven rays of the Christ in the first seven sons of Jesse. But in the youngest, [[King David|David]], she glorified not only the full complement of virtues from the prism of the Lord, but also the majesty and mastery of the eighth ray, which David exemplified in his reign and extolled in his psalms.
David himself was reembodied as [[Jesus]], and thus in the Psalms, the Israelites have recourse to the teachings of one who has attained Christ-mastery while Gentiles also reflect upon the meditations of the Saviour, all striving for the same goal set forth by him who is known as both the king of Israel and of the New Jerusalem. And so it is not surprising that today in the Cenacle overlooking the city of Jerusalem, Christians pray in the Upper Room on the site where Jesus and the disciples celebrated the Last Supper, where Christ appeared after his resurrection, and where the descent of the Holy Spirit took place. And in the lower level of the same house, there is a temple where Jews worship at the Tomb of David. Nor is it surprising to those who offer praise to her name that Mary is the Mother of both the Judaic and the Christian dispensations.

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