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[[File:Virgin of the Rocks (Louvre).jpg|thumb|''The Virgin of the Rocks'', Leonardo da Vinci (1483–86)]]
In her final embodiment, Mary came forth under the direction of hierarchy, chosen of God to bear [[Jesus the Christ]], who would demonstrate the laws of [[alchemy]] and the victory that every man must attain over sin, sickness and death. In early childhood she was placed in a temple for training in the science of the immaculate concept. Her twin flame, Archangel Raphael, together with members of the angelic host and the [[God and Goddess Meru]], assisted her in the development of the Mother principle in order that her consciousness might become a womb for the seed of the Christ.
During childhood she focused in her outer consciousness those momentums she had developed long ago on Atlantis and at inner levels before taking embodiment. When Mary was still a young girl, Joseph (an embodiment of [[Saint Germain]]) was sent to be the guardian and protector of Mary and Jesus. Together, the three members of the Holy Family composed the threefold flame that was not only the basis for family unity but also for the entire Christian dispensation.
After her ascension, Mary was made representative of the [[World Mother]] with a title of Queen of Heaven for the Christian Dispensation. Although all ascended lady masters keep the flame for the World Mother as her representative, we think of Mary as the archetype of Motherhood, the Mother of mothers.
Until 1954 Jesus and Mary held the focus of the masculine and feminine rays for the sixth dispensation. At that time, Saint Germain and [[Portia ]] assumed the office of directors for the coming age on the seventh ray for the seventh dispensation.
== Mary’s appearances ==
Mary’s focus of the Sacred Heart in the Resurrection Temple is the focus of the threefold flame commemorating the mission of the Christ of the Holy Trinity. Her service with Saint Germain and Jesus laid the foundation for two thousand years of Christian belief and service and also for the coming age.
Mary says, “My appearances through the centuries have centered on the request for prayer and for the giving of the rosary for the saving of souls. Millions have been saved because millions have responded to my call.”<ref>Mother Mary, February 24, 1980.</ref> In her appearances at [[Fátima]], [[Medjugorje]] and other places in the world, Mary has told of what may come upon the earth if we do not heed her warnings.
In 1984 Mother Mary said:

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