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Serapis Bey

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The point of redemption of earth goes back to [[Lemuria]], the Motherland and the Mother flame itself. Earth has a tremendous karma with the Mother flame and in the perversions of the Mother flame that took place on Lemuria, in the area of where San Francisco is now located and off the coast of California. The perversions of the Mother light opened the way for the desecration of the temples, the fall of the priests and priestesses, ultimately ending in misuse of the sexual energies and perversions of the life force. The final act was the murder of the highest representative of the Mother on Lemuria. The real cause of the sinking of Lemuria was the desecration of the person of the Mother and her flame.
Since that hour, earth has been slowly coming to the [[age of Aquarius ]] when once again the light of the Mother could be raised up in all, both male and female, bringing about once again the honoring of the woman and of the Mother and a reunion of the Mother, the light rising from the base, with the light of the Father that descends out of the [[I AM Presence]]. The next two thousand years is destined to see the raising up of consciousness such as has not occurred since the golden ages of Lemuria.
The path of the [[ascension]] is the resolution of those forces that are necessary within our consciousness—Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit as the four pillars of the temple within us. [[Gautama Buddha]]’s great lesson was that all suffering is caused by being out of alignment with the inner light through wrong desire. Serapis Bey teaches us how to get into alignment with the inner will of Being. His teachings become the keystone in the arch of hierarchy. Without the white light, we cannot enjoy the integration of selfhood.

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