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The ascended masters teach that the family is the basic unit of society, and the [[Aquarian age]] is the age of the divine family. The Atlantean origin of the word family is <u>fa</u>ther-<u>m</u>other flames <u>i</u>n <u>l</u>oving <u>u</u>nion.  == The foundation of civilization == The family is the basic unit of hierarchy; it is the basic mandala of [[karma]]. It is an institution ordained by God for the building of civilization. It is the basic unit of life in the Piscean age, in the Aquarian age, and in every age. The uniting of [[twin flame]]s, [[soul mate]]s or those of mutual karma and purpose for the sponsoring of life and the keeping of this unit of the Trinity is the way of life on earth, and in fact, in this system of worlds. Where it is destroyed, we have the destruction of the potential of the soul to realize the Christ.  The hierarch of the [[Royal Teton Retreat]], Lord [[Confucius]], taught in China in 500 <small>B</small>.<small>C</small>., and he set forth the family as the foundation of society and education as the means of the enlightenment of the citizens. All who have been sons and daughters of East and West—and there is a long list—have always advocated the purity of the family, the basic loyalty of man and woman and the invoking of the love of God for the endowing of life within the child. Freeing the potential of the child, first through the family and then through necessary and proper education is what [[Maria Montessori]] taught, and she evolved her system of education under the training of [[Mary, the mother of Jesus]].
== The family in the golden age ==
In the early [[golden ages age]]s the father held the focus of the Spirit of God, of his authority and Fatherhood over all. The mother as the homemaker held the focus of the Holy Spirit and its descent into Matter, kindling the heavenly energies of the [[AUM]]. Eve, the mother of all living, was designed to be the perfect expression of the Motherhood of God. Through the loving union of father-mother flames, the body temples of descending souls were formed, and the Christ flame was nourished in the sons and daughters of God. Marriage is the most sacred union upon earth. It commemorates, firstly, the union of the soul with the [[I AM Presence]]. Secondly, it commemorates the union of [[twin flame]]s.
== Children ==
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