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<blockquote>I affirm the origin of the sons and daughters of God at the point of the God Star, Sirius. I affirm this focus of the Great Central Sun as a point of origin for many who pass through earth’s schoolroom at this hour. Thus I come to reinforce the Order of the Blue Rose of Sirius, and I come to remind all of your fealty to the Order of the First Ray.</blockquote>
<blockquote>And thus, I desire to enable you to understand how the beloved [[El Morya]], Son of Sirius, devotee of the will of God, is the lord of the first ray for a reason—that reason being, beloved, that he does tarry in the earth for the training in the path of chelaship of those who are descended from that God Star and need the sharpening of the mind, the soul, the heart and the desire body according to a path of devotion and service, according to a true activity of the [[Gemini mind ]] of God that is truly founded in that will, that holy will, which is the grid of light of the divine plan.</blockquote>
<blockquote>If you can visualize the complex geometric form of earth itself, of a sphere, then understand that it is your congruency with that spherical pattern that does raise you to the vibration of Sirius, that does become the open door to the purity of Sirius and the open door to the return to that home of light.</blockquote>

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