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Added entry for crystal ray
! style="text-align: left;" | Flame !! style="text-align: left;" | Color !! style="text-align: left;" | Action
| Flame of faith, power, perfection, protection and the will of God(also known as the flame of cosmic worth)
| Blue
| An activity of the first ray
| Mother-of-pearl
| An activity of the sixth ray
| Ascension flame (also known as the flame of purity)
| White
| An activity of the fourth ray
| Flame of comfort (also known as the flame of the [[Holy Spirit]])
| [[Fearlessness flame]]
| white White tinged with green
| An activity of the fourth and fifth rays
| [[Emerald-teal ray]]
| Emerald-teal, blue and green
| An activity of the first and fifth rays; used for the sealing of the mind, the mental body, the crown chakra and the third eye
| [[Golden pink glow-ray]]
| A blending of gold and pink
| An activity of the second and third rays
| [[Crystal ray]]
| Intense white fire that looks like the rock crystal intensified as a brilliant light
| An action of destroying or uncreating works that have been created by man which are not in keeping with the immaculate conception
Mark L. Prophet, ''Understanding Yourself: Opening the Door to the Superconscious Mind'' (1985), pp. 140–41.
{{MSP}}, pp. 66–67.

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