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In 1977, Archangel Michael announced that [[Surya]] has assigned to each [[Keeper of the Flame]] ten angels from the mighty Blue Eagle. These angels will stand with you twenty-four-hours a day to enhance your service to the light. You may call to them to perform functions that you are not able to perform. Archangel Michael says, “They are nearly physical, beloved ones, so tangible is their presence.”<ref>Archangel Michael, “On the Defense of the Path and the Platform of Soul Liberation,” October 10, 1977.</ref>
[[Saint Germain]] has explained that it was this mighty formation of angels that answered the prayers of [[George Washington ]] (now the ascended master [[Godfre]]) in Valley Forge:
<blockquote>I see him kneeling in prayer, praying on behalf of America. And I see legions from the God Star Sirius hearken to the prayers of the general. I see how the words spoken from his lips on that cold day in the wood were heard by the mighty Blue Eagle of Sirius, who responded instantaneously—these legions of light who made their way, encamping round about him and among the men and, by the infusion of that God-light, securing the victory....</blockquote>

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