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[[File:Paolo Veronese, The Conversion of Mary Magdalene.jpg|thumb|upright=1.2|''The Conversion of Mary Magdalene'', Paolo Veronese (c. 1548)]]
The ascended lady master '''Magda''' is the [[twin flame]] of [[Jesus]]. Her devotion to the Christ, and particularly to the master Jesus, through the centuries has enabled her to build a great momentum of his healing power. She holds the flame of hope to all who desire to overcome the temptations of the world.
Magda was embodied as Mary Magdalene, out of whom Jesus cast seven demons. Her victory attests to the fact that all who truly desire to be free are indeed worthy of the great Master’s love and may invoke in his name the power of God that will expel the unclean spirits that have gained entrée into the temple of being. Indeed, earth is a schoolroom upon which the evolutions of other planets and solar systems may gaze and see the great miracle of the ascension of those who have descended to the depths of self-degradation before they came to the realization of the Christ and then determined with him to overcome every negative momentum that has brought about the fall of man or woman.
[[File:16474u.jpg|thumb|Aimee Semple McPherson]]
=== Aimee Semple McPherson ===
Aimee was also greatly persecuted and stood alone through great challenges, but during her entire ministry, she lived in anticipation of the day Jesus would come to receive her as his waiting bride. She ascended at the conclusion of that lifetime, and on November 22, 1990, Jesus Christ announced that Magda had finally balanced 100 percent of her karma, over forty-five years after her transition.
== Reflections on her life as Aimee ==
The ascended lady master Magda later spoke of this and of her life as Aimee:
<blockquote>I rejoice to have experienced the arduous years during which I was balancing my karma. And those years were indeed arduous, for I had not embraced the [[violet flame ]] that was being released when I was serving in California.</blockquote>
<blockquote>Thus, with all that I had of Jesus’ love and all of the service I gave throughout the world (even traveling by ship to Australia and to the far corners of the earth), when I passed from the screen of life, I still had my karma to deal with. And then it was, that I saw and understood and accepted the [[violet flame]].</blockquote>

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