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[[File:100047M-medres-forSSWsidebar.jpg|frame|upright=0.5|<noincludecenter><small>Part of a series of articles on</small><br/>This template is designed to use '''<big>The Science of<br/>the Wikipedia article series feature. Spoken Word</big>'''
It requires the module "Sidebar" to be installed.This module is programmed in Lua, which requires the [ Scribunto] Mediawiki extension to be installed. ----
See<span style="background-color: #eeeeff">'''&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Main article&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''</span><br/>[[Spoken Word]]
[https<span style="background-color:#eeeeff">'''&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Forms of the spoken Word&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''</span><br/>[[Decree]]<br/wiki>[[Fiat]]<br/Module:Sidebar https:>[[Affirmation]]<br/>[[Mantra]]<br/>[[Prayer]]<br/Module:Sidebar]>
 <span style="background-color: #eeeeff">'''&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Eastern forms&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''</noincludespan>{{sidebar| pretitle = Part of a series on | title = the Science <br/> of the Spoken Word| image = [[File:100047M-medres-cropped.jpg|frameless|center|link=Bhajan]]<br/>| content1 = [Spoken Word]| heading2 = Forms of the spoken Word| content2 = [DecreeBija mantra]| content3 = [Invocation]| content4 = [Fiat]<br/>| content5 = [Affirmation]| content6 = [Golden Mantra]| content7 = [Prayer]</center>| heading8 = Eastern forms| content8 = [Bhajan]| content9 = [Bija mantra]| content10 = [Golden Mantra]| navbar = off}}

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