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Prayer, '''meditation''' and decrees each have their place in attuning the soul with God and invoking his blessings, to which all are entitled.  Prayer that is not based on a fear of punishment or a desire to gain personal favors from the Deity is intended to focus in the supplicant’s heart the purity of God’s love for him, even as he, through adoration, builds a ladder of love to God. Meditation, when properly engaged in, opens the doors of the mind to the wisdom of God that enables man to understand and implement God’s love.  And [[Kuthumidecree]] explains s are invocative of the meaning power and purpose the faith that activate the flame of '''God’s wisdom and his love and make these practical in our daily living.  Thus, prayer magnetizes the love ray, meditation''' establishes the wisdom ray, and decrees focus the power ray. The regular, rhythmic use of these three avenues of communion with the Holy Spirit blends the individual’s energies with the white Light of the Christ, in whom he may contact every aspect of the consciousness of God.  The following definitions of prayer and meditation were given by beloved [[Kuthumi]] in the book ''Prayer and Meditation'':
<blockquote>[[Prayer]] and meditation are like twins framing the pathway to holiness and delight. Just as prayer or entreaty makes contact with [[God]], drawing down into the world of the seeker the rays of divine intercession, so, meditation lifts up the [[Son of man]] that he may be bathed in the radiance of the Eternal.</blockquote>
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