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Magda was embodied as Mary Magdalene, out of whom Jesus cast seven demons. Her victory attests to the fact that all who truly desire to be free are indeed worthy of the great Master’s love and may invoke in his name the power of God that will expel the unclean spirits that have gained entrée into the temple of being. Indeed, earth is a schoolroom upon which the evolutions of other planets and solar systems may gaze and see the great miracle of the ascension of those who have descended to the depths of self-degradation before they came to the realization of the Christ and then determined with him to overcome every negative momentum that has brought about the fall of man or woman.
=== Later embodiments ===
In 1974, Magda spoke of her later embodiments:
<blockquote>I came to realize, as on Easter morning when he came to me and in the period of communion in the Upper Room,<ref>John 20:11–23; Acts 1:12–14; 2:1–12.</ref> that his message contained not only the worded release but also the potential for victory. And I realized that as he had been the saviour of my soul, of my life, so I too could be that instrument. Like a giant electrode, I could focus the flame of the Christ and expand it to all generations. And so it was granted to me to be reborn again and again in this service.</blockquote>
<blockquote>In each succeeding life I retained the memory of that precious moment, that experience when the darkness fled and light filled my body. And I found that the testing of the Lord was given in order for me to master, as he mastered, each of the centers of being. The Lords of Karma gave to me a lifetime for each of those centers in order to gain mastery and victory. This was so that I might bring forth the fruits of victory in all of the seven rays for the glorious return of the ascension.<ref>Magda “All Energy Is Destined to Return to God,” {{POWref|61|13|, April 1, 2018}}</ref></blockquote>
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[[Jesus and Mary Magdalene]]
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