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From the God Star, Surya holds the balance for natural forces in the earth. He is assisted by the ascended master Cuzco, whose [[Sacred Retreat of the Blue Flame|etheric retreat]] is at Viti Levu in the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific. This retreat comes under the hierarchy of Sirius. Cuzco journeys back and forth between the earth and Sirius to make his report before the twenty-four elders and the Sun God and Goddess of the God Star.
Surya is very much involved with the Lord [[Jesus Christ]] in the judgment of the [[fallen angel]]s. He has promised to place his [[Electronic Presence ]] wherever you are and wherever the fallen angels are on the entire face of the earth. You can visualize this mighty being Surya anywhere and everywhere on the face of the earth, seated in the lotus posture as a mighty Buddha of light.
For problems that seem impossible to solve, give a novena to Surya using his decree.<ref>10.13 in {{PMD}}.</ref> The response will be a very deep penetration of your being and world. Although the results may take time to manifest, the liberation is powerful and yet sometimes almost imperceptible, because it occurs at such deep levels of being.

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