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Added 1984
<blockquote>It is returned to you after hundreds of thousands of years. For this, the original standard, is that with which souls of light went forth to claim an earth and an evolution for the victory and to one day come to these shores known as the Promised Land. For here in America, you were told by Alpha and Omega, every promise of God to your soul would be fulfilled if your free will would confirm that promise. And so America has been a land of hope and of dreams and of opportunity and of fulfillment for many.<ref>Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1978, “An Experience Restored in the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra,” {{POWref|54|2|, January 15, 2011}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1984 ===
<blockquote>The angel of Sanat Kumara does deliver to me the scroll, the scroll of the thoughtform for the year 1984. [pause]</blockquote>
<blockquote>As I open the scroll, I see before me a rendering of the Lady '''[[Kuan Yin]]'''. And in her grace, she is '''portrayed with a scroll in her right hand tied with that violet ribbon'''. And the scroll is symbolically the one that becomes the many, '''one for each child of the sun on earth''', that in some hour of this year 1984 shall be delivered to the heart and the soul in the etheric octave of the child of the sun.</blockquote>
<blockquote>Each and every child of the sun on earth shall receive this scroll. The scroll contains the life record since the first incarnation in Mater. It does contain the debit and credit side of the ledger. It does contain a list of that which must be balanced, which must be paid, and that which is, as it were, money in the bank of the causal body as light that has ascended to heaven on account. It shows the karma remaining, that which is to be balanced, the dharma to be fulfilled, and does mark the projected hour and designated time of that one’s fulfillment of courses of incarnations to the moment of the ascension in the light.</blockquote>
<blockquote>Beloved ones, not only does this come as a dispensation of Alpha and Omega and the Four and Twenty Elders, but it does come from the heart of Sanat Kumara who gave leave to the Lady Kuan Yin to make this promise long, long ago to the children of the sun. It is the promise of a bodhisattva that ere her work should be completed, she should find each one and deliver the Law’s own mandate for the fulfillment of Love’s victory.</blockquote>
<blockquote>Therefore understand, beloved hearts, that finally there is an engram, as some would see it, like a Chinese character. But this is an engram that represents the individual’s personal formula for the victory of love. It is a [[yantra]]. It is a [[mantra]]. It is a focus of light that can be assimilated and used by each child of the heart of Kuan Yin, each child of the Sun Mother.</blockquote>
<blockquote>Blessed ones, this formula and this engram of light will be internalized by you as you give the mantras of Kuan Yin. May the blessed one be remembered and revered, for the heart of Kuan Yin is the open door to love—and to love and to love.<ref>Gautama Buddha, December 31, 1983, “Release of the Thoughtform for the Year 1984: Kuan Yin’s Scroll to the Children of the Sun,” {{POWref|27|4|, January 22, 1984}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 1990 ===

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