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Sanat Kumara and the [[seven holy Kumaras]], [[Lady Master Venus]], [[Mighty Victory]], beloved [[Meta]] and the many legions of light who serve on Venus have their focus in Vienna, and that is where the culture of Venus was released to the West and where many souls of light descended into embodiment to bring that culture.
The original flame of Lady Venus is anchored in the city, and from that flame comes all the beautiful Viennese music, the violet-flame music of Johann Strauss, Franz Lehar and so many of the composers of the nineteenth century, and also the art of that period.  The home of the waltz is in Vienna, which is the place of the descent of the Venusians and their culture. They brought this sound of the Mother, as the waltz is considered to be the mother of all dance. The three-quarter time of the waltz is the time of the heartbeat of God.
It was [[Saint Germain]] who inspired upon Johann Strauss and Johann Strauss Jr. the waltzes they composed, which are all actions of the violet flame so that the people living in those times, by the waltz music, actually drew the violet flame into their midst. This release of the violet flame was also an attempt by Saint Germain to curb the negative tendencies of the rebellious Venusians who embodied in the early Germanic tribes.

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