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[[File:Panormamedugorje.jpg|thumb|upright=1.3|alt=caption|Site of the Marian apparitions in Medjugorje]]
In Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, [[Mother Mary]] has appeared to six teenagers since 1981, warning of coming calamities. The Blessed Mother has said that some of these could be mitigated through prayer and [[fasting]]. She has also revealed that because of the response to her messages, one of the calamities has been averted. This is a confirmation of what the ascended masters have been teaching us since the early 1950s. And it gives us great hope even as it goads our souls to more earnest prayer.
== The apparitions ==
The children said that during her Medjugorje visitations the Blessed Mother gave them messages stressing peace, conversion, prayer, fasting, penance and a sacramental life. Mirjana, one of the seers, said, “Our Lady continues to invite us to prayer and fasting, saying: ‘You have forgotten that with prayer and fasting you can ward off wars, suspend natural laws.’”
In addition to these messages, Mother Mary said that she would give to each of the visionaries a total of ten “secrets”—prophecies “secrets”—[[Prophecy|prophecies]] of events that will occur on earth in the near future.
Although the Catholic Church has declined to confirm that the visitations are authentic, Mother Mary said to us in a 1987 dictation that she was indeed appearing to the youths. Millions of people have made a pilgrimage to Medjugorje and many report having been spiritually strengthened and even transformed by their experiences there.
At both [[Fátima]] and Medjugorje the Blessed Mother has given the same message—that we can save ourselves and the planet if we will faithfully pray and give the [[rosary]]. I believe that Mother Mary began her appearances in Medjugorje because her requests at [[Fátima ]] have not been fulfilled.
== The purpose of the appearances ==
Mother Mary spoke of her appearances in Medjugorje in a dictation in 1987 (five years before the beginning of the civil war in Bosnia):
: <blockquote>Now, then, beloved, that I have also appeared in Yugoslavia to these special hearts, young in body but ancient of days, as the Queen of Peace. For peace is a pillar of fire that is thrust as a sword in the very midst of Communist territory.... Blessed ones, Medjugorje has become as a figure-eight flow where so many hearts give attention to me that the light may descend as judgment.</blockquote>
: <blockquote>Understand, blessed ones, that I have come there to prepare this people for calamities to come. The simple of heart need to be reminded of their original faith. To deliver to them a message beyond that which they comprehend within the supposed security of the Church would only serve to neutralize the message and their opinions of its authenticity.</blockquote>
: <blockquote>Thus, to depart from scripture or canon would be to obviate the very purpose of my coming, which is to draw a tremendous devotion of people of every faith to the heart of God and the Divine Mother, that in this sacred tie to heaven they might pass through a darkness to come....</blockquote>
: <blockquote>I have desired, then, that you should see and understand the light, the determination, the joy, the confidence that the seeing of myself has given to the six—and which through them has been radiated to the many. <ref>Mother Mary, “Be Prepared and Be at Peace,” {{POWref|30|23|, June 7, 1987}}</ref></blockquote>
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