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Mother Mary also gave a new rosary for children called “A Child’s Rosary to Mother Mary,” with the following admonishments:
<blockquote>Beloved ones, I AM ever in your heart in the nearness of the flame. My desire to seal you in purity, in the will of God and in the perpetual awareness of the life that is in you can be fulfilled by your free will each day as you commemorate the rosary with me. I have placed into the heart of the Mother a rosary for children, which many adults will also find appropriate. This rosary will be an abbreviated rosary, somewhat shorter than the one that is given, so that none may have the excuse of not giving the rosary because it is too long but that all of you will be able to give at least a rosary each day that satisfies the request in the hour of [[Fátima]].<ref>The first of Mother Mary’s three requests given to the children at Fátima is for ''prayer'', most particularly the rosary.</ref></blockquote>
<blockquote>The request for the giving of that rosary, then, is not exempted from the children of any age. For the children, the blessed children have immense hearts of light and are magnificent God-free beings at inner levels....</blockquote>

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