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<blockquote>The pathway back to the Central Sun of Being is the path of initiation whereby the soul must travel over the cycles that she has created through the correct and the incorrect qualification of God’s energy—''of God as energy''. Line by line, spiral by spiral, the soul returns to the heart of the One by the law of the One....</blockquote>
<blockquote>Traversing these spirals that represent the commingling of the human and the divine creations of the soul, the soul must be impelled by the momentum of the heart. She must be nourished by the fires of the heart. She must see the light of the heart as the beacon in the lighthouse window, guiding the ship of the soul to the port of God-identity. The heart is the lodestone. It is the rock of the Christ consciousness. And the fires of the heart produce the energy whereby the soul makes her way, step by step, to the center of Being that is God....</blockquote>
<blockquote>There are dispensations on the path of initiation whereby the soul may be taken by grace into the center of the Christ consciousness for re-creation in the Trinity, for inspiration, rejuvenation. These periods of grace spent in the Holy of Holies are moments of God-identification that mark the ascent of the aspiring one....</blockquote>
<blockquote>These moments in the mountain of God are a promise and a preparation for the moments of eternity to come when the soul, by attainment, will fly on the wings of initiation to the heights of the [[Secret chamber of the heart|vaulted cathedral of the heart]]. Thus by initiation the lark ascends....</blockquote>
<blockquote>We give you keys that you might discover the formula of your own initiation. That formula is locked in the heart of your I AM Presence and in the magnificent spheres of your own [[causal body ]] of light.<ref>{{MOI}}.</ref></blockquote> == Specific initiations == See the following links and sources for more information on specific initiations: * Initiations of the path of the [[ruby ray]]: Sacrifice, Selflessness, Surrender and Service. {{OSS}}, Chapter 9.* Thirty-three initiations illustrated in the life of Jesus: {{OSS}}, p. 352.* The [[test of the ten]]. The test of selflessness in the solar plexus chakra: {{THA}}, Book Two, Chapter 10.* Initiations of the saints who follow the Lamb: {{OSS}}, diagrammed on pp. 247–49.* Initiations which Sanat Kumara gave to Ezekiel: {{OSS}}, pp. 73–76.* Initiations of the [[twelve solar hierarchies]] on the [[cosmic clock]]: {{PYF}}; {{PTA}}, pp. 106–74.* The [[Fourteen Stations of the Cross]]: {{PUC}}, pp. 194–212.* Initiations of the 22 chapters in the [[Book of Revelation]]: {{A4H}}, pp. 189–91.* Initiation of the slaying of the personal and planetary [[dweller-on-the-threshold]]: {{PCA}}, pp.181–209; {{TEW}}.* Initiation of the [[trial by fire]]: {{PTA}}, pp. 217–21. * The initiations of the [[transfiguration]], [[resurrection]] and [[ascension]] are explained and discussed in detail in {{PTI}}, pp. 239–47.
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