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<blockquote>Savagery, cannibalism, violence, revenge, and killing originated in mankind’s lowest evolutionary descent and were transmitted directly by vibration (here proving that the power of example can also be the worst teacher) to the subspecies. Therefore, the animal magnetism in humans—often sub-animal, wreaking a devilish wrath—must be redeemed (i.e., transmuted by the [[violet flame]]) in the process of freeing the planet.</blockquote>
<blockquote>This you can begin to effect right now by fervent calls for the action of the circle and sword of blue flame of [[Astrea]], the universal Mother figure functioning at the level of Elohim (personified in the East as [[Kali]]) who cuts free her children evolving in every kingdom from the imposed [[evil ]] matrix of the vengeful [[fallen angel]]s. The violet fire that flows from your determined, heartfelt decrees literally lifts the pall of [[human consciousness]] from all elemental life. It is integral to the reclamation of Nature’s beauty.</blockquote>
<blockquote>Beloved [[Saint Germain]] and other ascended masters have in various associations of their embodiments had contact with elemental life evolving through the animal kingdom. In some cases, this necessitated their later intercession on behalf of certain elementals embodied in animal form. The freeing of these blessed elementals “imprisoned” in dense bodies has on more than one occasion been the gift of love and violet fire from the ascended one to that elemental part of Life with whom they had prior contact.</blockquote>

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