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In April 1970, following the Easter conference, Mark, Mother, their children and fifty Keepers of the Flame and staff made a pilgrimage to India. They visited Darjeeling, Kashmir and many religious and historical centers throughout India. They met with the Dalai Lama, Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa, holy men and people from all walks of life. Mark delivered a sermon at Sarnath, where Gautama Buddha first began to teach.
Although the group toured sacred sites and scenic spots, Mark told them that their goal was to carry the light of the [[resurrection flame]] from the Easter conference held in Santa Barbara to India—to return the light from the West to the East. The Rev. Annice Booth, who traveled to India with the Messengers, notes that several of the students who went on the India pilgrimage are now ascended masters—George masters—[[George Lancaster]], Helen MacDonald, [[Ruth Jones]], Marguerite Baker and Marguerite Wurtsbaugh.
In November 1970, Mark and Mother founded [[Montessori International]], a school for children one and a half to seven years old, in Colorado Springs. The curriculum was based on the educational principles set forth by Dr. [[Maria Montessori]] and the ascended masters. One of our two original teachers spoke Spanish to the children. This was our first bilingual program and we continue to stress the study of foreign languages for children of all ages. Enrollment swelled when our headquarters moved to Pasadena and Camelot in California, where more than two hundred students attended nursery school through high school.

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