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Geographical chakras

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In any given geographical area, we also find that certain aspects of the seven rays are outpictured for the balance of forces there. For instance, you can take the city of Santa Barbara and you could plot the seven chakras within that city from south to north. The southernmost end of Santa Barbara, where the ocean meets the land, would have the flame of the Mother, the base-of-the-spine chakra. The northernmost part of Santa Barbara, the mountains, would be the focus of the Father, the crown chakra. Between that in certain intervals you could plot out on a city map approximately where the chakras are.
You can do the same for a state or a nation; you can do it for a hemisphere; you can do it for the whole earth from south pole to the north. Generally speaking, if you are looking for how the chakras fall in any nation, you look at the lines of latitude. You don’t look for specific cities that are chakras. A whole band of latitude and all the cities in it will be on the wavelength of each chakra.
The more you are aware of forcefields and patterns, the more you can deal with energies that oppose the Christ light. For instance, a different type of energy would be opposing the heart chakra than the throat chakra.
Lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, February 6, 1974.
Lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 24, 1980.

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