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Mary Baker Eddy

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Commissioned by [[Jesus|Jesus the Christ]], the ascended master [[Hilarion]], and [[Mother Mary]], Mary Baker Eddy was given certain revelations which she set forth in ''Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures''. She taught the science of the [[immaculate concept]], of holding the perfect image, the perfect blueprint for every part of life, knowing that when we see the vision of perfection, all energy must coalesce to outpicture that perfection.
Mary Baker Eddy was an instrument of the Lord’s healing, but her attempts to define the religion of Christ fell short of the powerful [[mantle ]] of healing that was upon her. The healing that flowed through her far exceeded the limited matrix of the teaching she delivered.
Mary Baker Eddy made her [[ascension]] in the 20th century. Mary Baker Eddy is now the ascended lady master [[Theosophia]], Goddess of Wisdom.

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