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Guru Ma

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The Teacher who gives adoration to the Divine Mother or the Teacher who holds the office of World Mother. On July 2, 1977, the ascended master [[Padma Sambhava]] bestowed mantle of Guru on the messenger [[Elizabeth Clare Prophet]] and gave her the name “Guru Ma.”
Concerning the path of the Mother, [[Lanello]] has explained that “when  <blockquote>when you say Ma, it is the acknowledgment that in the one Guru Mother [God as Mother, the Omega light of cosmos] the entire chain of Gurus is manifest. Whether Mother or [[Maitreya]], it is the Ma of a cosmos that rings.... That sounding of the name is the sounding of the cry for help. And all of the four cosmic forces who bow before her throne of grace will respond upon the call of the chelas near and far.”<ref>Lanello, April 8, 1979.</ref></blockquote>
[[Sanat Kumara]] explained the significance of the office of Guru Ma in ''The Opening of the Seventh Seal'':

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