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Saint Paul

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<blockquote>And others in the island which had diseases came to the beloved apostle and were healed by the laying on of hands—because the Lord Jesus Christ and the angel of God stood by him....</blockquote>
<blockquote>Now be of good cheer and be encouraged by the great courage of those who have gone before you. Claim the [[mantle ]] of the apostle Paul who awaits your coming on the east gate of the City Foursquare where he is the Lamb who is worthy to open the book that is reserved for the initiates of the fifth ray. Serving with the [[two witnesses]], these witness unto the Truth, in order that the original lie of Serpent and all liars that have proceeded after him might be swallowed up by the rod of Moses, by the judgment of the Son of God, by the sacred fire of the Holy Ghost, and by the Light of the Woman clothed with the Sun.<ref>{{OSS}}, pp. 271, 272.</ref></blockquote>
Paul finally arrived in Rome, where, according to church tradition, he died a martyr’s death sometime during the reign of the emperor Nero (<small>A.D</small>. 54–68).

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