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World Teacher

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'''World Teacher''' is an office in hierarchy held by those ascended beings whose attainment qualifies them to represent the universal and personal [[Christ]] to unascended mankind. The office of World Teacher, formerly held by [[Maitreya]], was passed to Jesus and his disciple Saint Francis ([[Kuthumi]]) on January 1, 1956, when the [[mantle ]] of [[Lord of the World]] was transferred from [[Sanat Kumara]] to [[Gautama Buddha]] and the office of [[Cosmic Christ]] and Planetary Buddha (formerly held by Gautama) was simultaneously filled by Lord Maitreya.
Serving under Lord Maitreya, Jesus and Kuthumi are responsible for setting forth the Teachings in this two-thousand-year cycle leading to individual self-mastery and the Christ consciousness. They sponsor all souls seeking union with God, tutoring them in the fundamental laws governing the cause/effect sequences of their own karma and teaching them how to come to grips with the day-to-day challenges of their individual dharma, one’s duty to fulfill the Christ potential through the sacred labor.

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