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Goddess of Peace

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The '''Goddess of Peace''' serves at the [[Temple of Peace]] located over the Hawaiian Islands. She represents the feminine aspect of the flame of peace to the evolutions of earth and works directly with the [[elemental]]s to infuse that flame within nature. She teaches classes on the activities of the flame of peace to unascended mankind and shows how, through devotion to peace, they may qualify for admittance to the [[Ascension Temple|halls of Luxor]] to prepare for their [[ascension]] in the light. Without peace there is no harmony, and without harmony one can never gain entrance to the Ascension Temple.
Her momentum of the flame of peace may be invoked to still the waters of human emotion, the confusion of the mind, the inner or outer action of the physical body and the turbulence of the subconscious world. Her [[mantle ]] of peace should be invoked around mothers bearing incoming souls in order that these souls might attune with the immaculate design for their approaching destiny in the world of form.
The Goddess of Peace says:

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