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Padma Sambhava

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== The mantle of guru ==
Padma Sambhava bestowed upon the [[messenger]] [[Elizabeth Clare Prophet]] the [[mantle ]] of [[guru]] and gave her the name “Guru “[[Guru Ma]].” “Guru Ma” means the teacher who is a devotee of the Divine Mother.<ref>A ''mantle'' is a symbol of authority, preeminence or responsibility, a spiritual office. With its bestowal, there is passed from guru to disciple a great sphere of light. A ''guru'' is a spiritual teacher who not only teaches about the spiritual path, but he or she also sets the example of how one must walk that path.</ref> Wearing the mantle of guru, the messenger is the servant of the light of God within you. The guru helps you find your way back home to God.
There is no greater love than the love that is shared between a guru and his chela. They give their life to each other in a sacred bond. For thousands of years, the great spiritual teachers of mankind have passed their mantle and their teaching to deserving disciples. Around each successive teacher would gather students who were dedicated to studying that teaching and becoming the living example of that teaching.

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