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Clara Louise

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Clara Louise practiced the science of the [[spoken Word]] for close to fifty years, and her calls and invocations were very powerful. She simply would not take no for an answer, a quality she learned from her embodiment as [[Jesus]]’ disciple. Just as Jesus cast out demons through the power of the spoken Word, so she knew that one has to be fierce with demons and the state of the human consciousness. Her [[fiat]]s would travel across the planet as she gave her [[prayer]]s and [[invocation]]s, standing in defense of all children.
The world also needs your intercession and prayers for the children and youth. You can give fiery calls to God as Clara Louise did. And in the fierceness of the fire of Serapis Bey and Amen Bey, invoke the fiery [[mantle]], or cloak of light, of Clara Louise. She carries the flame of white fire and will assist you in accelerating this flame, raising the Kundalini, the ascension flame and life-force within, so that you can deliver the command that binds the foul spirit.
When you speak in the authority of Christ, the foul spirit cannot disobey you, because God reinforces your call. You receive the reinforcement because you have a magnet of fire intense enough to draw down the magnet of your I AM Presence. However, you should always ask that your prayers be adjusted according to the will of God.

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