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God Tabor

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God Tabor is very concerned about the burden upon [[elemental life]]. He says:
<blockquote>Call for [[Helios and Vesta]] to come forth. Call for my mantle—the [[mantle]]—the mantle of God Tabor. Know and understand, beloved, that when you heal elementals and you bring them to the point of understanding how they might one day receive the chalice of a [[threefold flame]]—this is indeed the greatest gift that you could ever give to elemental life.</blockquote>
<blockquote>Beloved, you are all very busy. The [[Lords of Karma]] are busy. The hierarchs are busy—all have so many things to do. But you must stop and say, “We cannot neglect elemental life; indeed, we must serve elemental life and bring them to the place where they can once again believe in themselves and call forth their threefold flame.”</blockquote>
{{MTR}}, s.v. “God Tabor.”
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