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President of the United States

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[[File:Seal of the President of the United States.svg.png|thumb]]
The office of the '''President of the United States of America''' is a spiritual office in the Hierarchy of the [[Great White Brotherhood]]. The one who is elected to this office is intended to have the [[mantle ]] and sponsorship of the Brotherhood.
== The mantle and the one who wears it ==
<blockquote>Understand, then,... there are circumstances and individuals and even his own karma that may prevent the best use of that mantle and the wielding of it in a stronger defense of freedom. I say pray for the officeholder to come into alignment with the mantle itself. And offer the prayer upon all elected representatives and those not elected that the mantle of Christ descend.</blockquote>
The Goddess of Liberty explained,:
<blockquote>The mantle itself will perform its work when invoked by you. Since it is a qualification of the representatives of the people of this nation to be the bearers of the Light and the mantle of the Christ, therefore you may invoke it. And therefore you may use the [[Judgment Call]] to demand the judgment of those individuals who have betrayed the office of Mediator, which office is essential in the interpretation and execution of the Constitution.<ref>The Goddess of Liberty, “Lightbearers of the World, Unite!” {{POWref|29|65}}</ref></blockquote>

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