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<blockquote>The evildoers then and now continue in their evildoing right up to the eve of cataclysm, boasting that they are immune to God’s laws, that karma is not real, and that they are the gods of the earth....</blockquote>
<blockquote>My service on Atlantis was in law and the law of wholeness. Thus the science of healing and the science of truth are the right and left hand of the defense of the individual, body and soul. In those days the manipulators of the law of the fifth ray were as devious in their despisings of the sons of light as they are today. They entered not into the consciousness of God, and they exerted a destructive influence upon those who were entering in as neophytes under the initiates of the [[mystery schoolsschool]]s.</blockquote>
<blockquote>The marbled, geometric cities of Atlantis, my beloved, were not without the inner retreats of the [[Brotherhood]]. And [[Noah]] himself, the archetype of the Great Guru, while building his ark was the Mother flame of the ark and the initiator of the embodied sons of God. There were others of our bands who took ships and carried the focuses of their retreats to distant lands and mountaintops, to the Near and Far East, to the Himalayas, to Europe and the Americas, and to the already established retreats of the archangels[[archangel]]s.</blockquote>
<blockquote>The securing of spiritual forcefields in Matter is the work of the chelas of the ascended masters. When decay and disintegration beset an age, they mount with wings as eagles <ref>Isa. 40:31.</ref> to survey the land and the sea. They take counsel with the L<small>ORD</small>’s hosts and with the L<small>ORD</small> himself and the three ascended masters who prophesied to [[Abraham]] of the birth of Isaac and the destruction of [[Sodom and Gomorrah]]. The initiates of the mystery schools are the preachers of righteousness, and they continue to preach the Word and its science until the hour of the judgment and their embarking on the [[Noah's ark|ark]].”<ref>Nada, “Life Is Still Sweet,” {{POWref|23|6|, February 10, 1980}}</ref></blockquote>
=== 2,700 years ago ===
In her final incarnation, 2,700 years ago, Nada was the youngest of a large family of exceptionally gifted children. She was tutored by [[Charity]], [[archeia]] of the third ray, in how to expand the [[threefold flame]] of love in her heart for the quickening of the [[chakras]] of her talented brothers and sisters. She chose to forgo pursuing her own career in that embodiment and, instead, kept the flame in deep [[meditation]] and [[prayer ]] for her brothers and sisters in their various fields of endeavor.
Nada has spoken of that lifetime:


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