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The flames of God which may be invoked by those who desire to expand the Christ consciousness are many. Following is a list of those which have special importance for the evolutions of this solar system. Regardless of their color, all of the flames have a white-fire core of purity which embodies all of the attributes of God.

Flame Color Action
Flame of faith, power, perfection, protection and the will of God Blue An activity of the first ray
Flame of wisdom, intelligence and illumination (focusing the Mind of God) Yellow An activity of the second ray
Flame of adoration, love and beauty Pink An activity of the third ray
Flame of purity (focusing the inherent design of all creation), also known as the ascension flame White An activity of the fourth ray
Flame of healing Emerald green An activity of the fifth ray
Flame of precipitation, abundance and supply Chinese green tinged with gold An activity of the fifth ray
Flame of ministration and service Purple and gold An activity of the sixth ray
Flame of freedom and transmutation, also known as the violet singing flame Violet An activity of the seventh ray
Mercy flame Shades ranging from pink-violet to orchid and deep purple (visualizing a pink center around the white fire core of the mercy flame will intensify the action of Divine Love within the quality of forgiveness) An activity of the seventh ray
Mighty Cosmos’ secret rays Unknown Five flames whose colors have not been revealed, which may be invoked with great personal and planetary benefit
Threefold flame, also known as the flame of the Christ because it focuses the balanced action of love, wisdom and power, a prerequisite to Christhood Pink, gold and blue Three plumes anchored in the heart of the God Presence, the Christ Self and the physical body of man, an activity of the first, second and third rays
Resurrection flame Mother-of-pearl An activity of the sixth ray
Flame of comfort (also known as the flame of the Holy Spirit) White tinged with a delicate pink An an activity of the third and fourth rays
Cosmic honor flame Golden yellow, often used in conjunction with the purple flame An activity of the fourth and sixth rays
Flame of peace Mother-of-pearl An activity of the sixth ray
Fearlessness flame white tinged with green An activity of the fourth and fifth rays

A simple method of visualizing the flames is to fix in mind the memory of a blazing campfire; retaining the concept of the action of the physical flames, see them take on the color of the God flame you desire to invoke. Now enlarge your image of the flames to fill your entire consciousness. Then visualize yourself stepping into the center of God’s flaming Presence and feel his love enfold you as a thousand-petaled lotus—each flame a petal of God’s all-embracing consciousness.

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