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(4) '''A temple in the City Foursquare''', the New Jerusalem, the [[Retreat of the Divine Mother]] anchored in the etheric octave over the [[Inner Retreat]]. “You are those who know the New Jerusalem, who have also gone to the New World, for you would be there for the placing of the capstone upon the pyramid of this civilization. You would be there for the establishment of the Retreat of the Divine Mother. You would be there to see the celestial City Foursquare in the etheric octave, so clearly present at the [[Royal Teton Retreat]] that, beloved hearts, even children can see the lights of the Holy City, can see the New Day, can see the alabaster buildings and the Temple Beautiful.”<ref>Saint Germain, {{POWref|13|65}}</ref> “For truly that circular Temple Beautiful is waiting to be lowered out of the etheric octave.”<ref>The Great Divine Director, {{POWref|29|42}}</ref>
(5) '''The inner church'''. “Paul’s “[[Saint Paul|Paul]]’s great revelation was of the mystery of the body of God as the true inner Church—the [[Church Universal and Triumphant]]. Stone upon stone, he beheld the Temple Beautiful built from the lively stones—devotees become the living Word by the demonstration of the way of personal Christhood.”<ref>{{OSS}}, chapter 10.</ref>
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