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He composed many of his finest works after he had become almost totally deaf.
He was a chela of the [[Great Divine DirecorDirector]], and he served on the twelve o’clock line of the [[cosmic clock]].
== The soul of Beethoven ==
Beethoven wrote:
<blockquote>I have most often the more turned my gaze upwards ; but for our own sakes and the sakes of for others, we are obliged sometimes to turn our attention to lower things. This; this, too, is a part of human destiny. The just man must be able also <ref>Beethoven, February 8, 1823, to suffer injustice without deviating Zelter, in Friedrich Kerst, comp., Henry Edward Krehbiel, trans. and ed., ''Beethoven, the least from Man and the right courseArtist: As Revealed in His Own Words'' (New York: B. W. Huebsch, 1905), p. Nothing is more intolerable than to have to admit to yourself your own errors93.</ref></blockquote>
In another place he said of himself: <blockquote>The just man must be able also to suffer injustice without deviating in the least from the right course.<ref>Beethoven to the Viennese magistrate, ibid., p. 92.</ref></blockquote> <blockquote>Nothing is more intolerable than to have to admit to yourself your own errors.<ref>Ibid., p. 92.</ref></blockquote>
<blockquote>I am not bad; hot blood is my wickedness, my crime is youthfulness. I am not bad, really not bad; even though wild surges often accuse my heart, it is still good. To do good wherever we can, to love liberty above all things, and never to deny truth.<ref>Beethoven, written in the autograph book of Herr Bocke, in Friedrich Kerst, comp., Henry Edward Krehbiel, trans. and ed., ''Beethoven, the Man and the Artist: As Revealed in His Own Words'' (New York: B. W. Huebsch, 1905), p. 76.</ref></blockquote>
<blockquote>Such occurrences brought me nigh to despair, a little more and I had put an end to my own life—only it, my art, held me back.<ref>Ibid.</ref></blockquote>
His art was his [[dharma]]. The devotion to the dharma would not allow him to despair that he could not hear with his outer ear.
<blockquote>O it seemed to me impossible to quit the world until I had produced all I felt it in me to produce;...<ref>Ibid.</ref></blockquote>
<blockquote>Thus, I tell you, the music of Beethoven itself, when played continuously from the first to the ninth symphony, has a rolling momentum. And if it can play in your homes and if you can remember to have it in your automobiles, you will understand how it does its work of transmutation in its own way and aids and secures your health and your life.</blockquote>
<blockquote>It is like having a decree tape playing. It forms a matrix of light, a rhythm and a sound that counteracts that which is discordant at the same levels of vibratory rate and frequency in the earth; for the music that travels is actually stealing that area assigned for the holding of the harmony through sound by the Elohim of God.<ref>Archangel Michael, April 11, 1982, “Because You Need Me,” {{POWref|25|28|, July 11, 1982}}</ref></blockquote>
[[Lady Master Venus]]:
<blockquote>You will know that in the beginning was the Word,<ref>Johhn 1:1.</ref> and by the Word spoken and transmitted as the music of the spheres of Elohim, by the Word transmitted as the sounding of the soundless sound, the intoning of that music will spell the final round of the consuming of evil within the spheres of this solar system. And there will be no stopping that sound across a cosmos when it is emitted from initiates of the sacred fire, from the sacred heart of souls comfortable and comforting all life in heaven and earth by the intensity of the Blood of Christ.</blockquote>
<blockquote>Therefore listen, O children. Harmony, O blessed harmony, is your challenge for the preservation of your freedom. And you will note how accurately he, [Beethoven], said, “I do not write noisy music.”<ref>Before the dictation, the Messenger read selections from an undocumented source on the life of Ludwig van Beethoven. On one occasion, Beethoven is reported to have said: “My kingdom is the air. Just like the windby Schindler, tones whirl around and so often eddy in my soul. I “I never wrote noisy music, for . For my instrumental works need an orchestra of about sixty good musicians and . I am convinced that only such a number can bring out the quickly changing gradations in performance,” in ''Beethoven, the Man and the Artist'', p. 39.</ref> Noise, the noise of dissonance and discord, side by side with the veritable sound of fiery vortices of moving galaxies, of Elohim humming the sound of the HUM, the [[OM]], the HRIM—all the sounds and tones of the Universal Ma can be heard in those nine symphonies of the Word....</blockquote>
<blockquote>His vibration is the light of victory, freedom and joy! Victory is his flame! Victory is that vibration! You can be it too. You can choose to be that flame if you will.<ref>Mighty Victory, July 3, 1979, “Victory to Those Who Love!” part 1, {{POWref|43|18|, April 30, 1980}}</ref></blockquote>

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