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In December, Jesus directed the messenger to move our headquarters to Los Angeles, the City of the Angels. By this time Mother was already recognized as a prominent religious leader and Church membership kept growing.
In 1976, Mother moved the Church headquarters to a leased campus in Pasadena, California. She also established the [[Ashram of the World Mother (Los Angeles)|Ashram of the World Mother]] in downtown Los Angeles. In July 1977, [[Padma Sambhava]] bestowed the [[mantle ]] of [[Guru]] upon Mother and provided the link for us to pursue the [[Guru-chela relationship|Guru-chela]] (Master disciple) relationship through the embodied Guru in the lineage of [[Sanat Kumara]], Gautama Buddha, [[Lord Maitreya]] and [[Jesus|Jesus Christ]].
== Mother Stumps for Saint Germain ==

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