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What was left was a tiny remnant of lightbearers, and so, instead of coming into the kingdom of Israel, Jesus was born under the Roman Empire. Immediately facing the persecution of Herod, he and his family had to flee to Egypt.
Jesus came as a lone avatar, and he had to stand against the entire Babylon of Church and the Babylon of State. He stood against the priesthood that had invaded the people of Israel, that had destroyed the real essence of the teaching of Moses and Sanat Kumara. Because they had already lost their true race and had mingled with the peoples of Canaan and of the Fertile Crescent, most of the twelve tribes had compromised their own Christ consciousness given to them by their prophets. Therefore, they could not recognize the Christ in Jesus.<ref>The essence of the original teaching of Moses and Sanat Kumara was kept by the [[Essene communities]], who were only a small minority in the Holy Land. Jesus’ parents were part of this community, which provided the spiritual cradle for Jesus’ incarnation. It is believed by many scholars that the early Christian community grew out of the Essene community.</ref>
Nevertheless, he came, and when he raised up his apostles and gave them his [[mantle ]] to go after the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Matt. 10:6), he was sending them to find the lightbearers of the lost tribes, those who had lost their identity, forgotten who they were and were now scattered abroad. He sent them throughout Asia Minor. They went as far as India and Italy. They went throughout the entire known world, searching for the lightbearers.
[[File:Mosaic Tribes.jpg|thumb|Mosaic showing the symbols of the twelve tribes, Jerusalem.]]

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