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:So, beloved, there is no place you can go that is more powerful than your altar. We have created the [[portable altar]] for you so you can fold it up, put it in your backpack, be on your way and then set it up at your destination. Wherever you are, you can establish your own forcefield, even if you have but a small crystal as the chalice for the flame. Wherever you go, you can raise up an altar to God, Yahweh, as did Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the children of Israel in their wilderness wanderings. Yes, beloved hearts, this is the way.
:There is an inner altar of the heart and there is an outer altar where you offer your devotions, which you can set up anytime, anywhere. Teach this to your children. Teach your children, beloved, that the altar is the place where God and man meet through the flame of the ark of the covenant. I ask you to go to the altar frequently and to tend the flame on the altar of your heart, for this practice will result in mighty changes in the earth.<ref>El Morya, ''Pearls of Wisdom''{{POW}}, vol. 38, no. 8, February 19, 1995.</ref>
To set up a simple altar in your home, start with a table or dresser covered with a white cloth, preferably linen. Hang the Chart of Your Divine Self centered above the altar with the Charles Sindelar portraits of [[Saint Germain]] and [[Jesus Christ]] to the right and left. Place a cut-glass or crystal chalice or a simple bowl at the center of the altar and a candle on either side. You may wish to add pieces of [[amethyst]] or natural quartz crystal, a Bible and representative books of the Law—''Climb the Highest Mountain, The Lost Years of Jesus, The Lost Teachings of Jesus I'' and [[II]]. Place a framed photograph of the Messenger [[Mark L. Prophet]] on Jesus’ side of the altar and a framed photograph of the Messenger [[Elizabeth Clare Prophet]] on Saint Germain’s side. You can also include fresh or silk flowers and selected statuary of the saints of East and West, but be careful not to clutter your altar.
== References ==
{{POW}}, vol. 37, no. 12.
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