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 h English (en)The Karmic Board consists of the [[Great Divine Director]] (representing the first ray), the [[Goddess of Liberty]] (second ray), Ascended Lady Master [[Nada]] (third ray), Elohim [[Cyclopea]] (fourth ray), [[Pallas Athena]], the Goddess of Truth (fifth ray), [[Portia]], Goddess of Justice (sixth ray) and [[Kuan Yin]], the Goddess of Mercy (seventh ray). Recently [[Vairochana]], one of the [[five Dhyani Buddhas]], became the eighth member of the Karmic Board.
 h Spanish (es)El Consejo Kármico lo conforman el [[Special:MyLanguage/Great Divine Director|Gran Director Divino]] (que representa el primer rayo), la [[Special:MyLanguage/Goddess of Liberty|Diosa de la Libertad]] (segundo rayo), la Maestra Ascendida [[Special:MyLanguage/Nada|Nada]] (tercer rayo), el Elohim [[Special:MyLanguage/Cyclopea|Ciclopea]] (cuarto rayo), [[Special:MyLanguage/Pallas Athena|Palas Atenea]], la Diosa de la Verdad (quinto rayo), [[Special:MyLanguage/Portia|Porcia]], la Diosa de la Justicia (sexto rayo) y [[Special:MyLanguage/Kuan Yin|Kuan Yin]], la Diosa de la Misericordia (séptimo rayo). Recientemente, [[Special:MyLanguage/Vairochana|Vairochana]], uno de los [[Special:MyLanguage/Five Dhyani Buddhas|cinco Budas Dhyani]], se convirtió en el octavo miembro del Consejo Kármico.
 h Portuguese (pt)Fazem parte do Conselho do Carma, o [[Special:MyLanguage/Great Divine Director|Grande Diretor Divino]] (representando o primeiro raio), a [[Special:MyLanguage/Goddess of Liberty|Deusa da Liberdade]] (segundo raio), a Mestra Ascensa [[Special:MyLanguage/Nada|Nada]] (terceiro raio), o Elohim [[Special:MyLanguage/Cyclopea|Cyclopea]] (quarto raio),
[[Special:MyLanguage/Pallas Athena|Pallas Athena]], Deusa da Verdade (quinto raio), [[Special:MyLanguage/Portia|Pórcia]], Deusa da Justiça
(sexto raio), e [[Special:MyLanguage/Kuan Yin|Kuan Yin]], Deusa da Misericórdia (sétimo raio). Recentemente, o grupo incorporou um oitavo membro, [[Special:MyLanguage/Vairochana|Vairochana]], um dos
[[Special:MyLanguage/five Dhyani Buddhas|cinco Budas Dhyani]].