A Cosmic Being from out the Great Silence

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On October 29, 1987, a Cosmic Being from out the Great Silence spoke to students of the masters in the city of Chicago:

I AM a cosmic being ensouling, therefore, cosmos. In the heart of God I AM. And I am come to you for the bracing of this city and your hearts in a chalice formed of crystal light....

In the purity flame of an ancient focus of light, I descend into this city to call those who have reincarnated from the previous golden age that was once in this area. Blessed ones, you have known of the light, and long ago the prophecy of a darkness to come was given to you here.

You volunteered to return to this area to enshrine the heart of a nation[1] as a celebration of the heart of God in life here below. You said, “O Blessed One, we shall go forth and remember to keep the flame in that future age.”... Know, then, that thy descent is single-pointed. Its purpose, as a two-edged sword: the celebration of the energy of light of a Spirit cosmos and the consuming of all darkness that would assail it.[2]


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  1. The city of Chicago is the heart chakra of America.
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