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The first rebel against the Most High God; also known as the Accuser of the Brethren (Rev. 12:10).

When Peshu Alga’s son died, he cursed God for allowing his death, rejected all consolation, and swore eternal vengeance against the Almighty. It was the first sin ever committed against God. The archangel Lucifer (tempted through his own pride and ambition) was traduced by Peshu Alga and followed in his rebellion, thus causing the fall of many other angels under him.

In his 1983 Christmas Day Address, “Ancient Records of Earth’s Karma,” Jesus announced:

As the year passes you will enter the Dark Cycle on April 23—the Dark Cycle in Aries. As you know, this cycle is the cycle of Helios and of Vesta and of the I AM Presence and the affirmation of the name of God, I AM, whereby the Christ, the Son of God, does declare, “Lo, because thou art, I AM!” The identity of the Son of God as the living Christ is therefore the testing of the soul in 1984.

You also understand that the perversion of the I AM, made originally by that one Peshu Alga and his consort and then Lucifer, was on that very line of the I AM THAT I AM. Declaring “I am God!” as the antithesis of the sons of God, these fallen angels literally stole the light from the altars of heaven to go forth to pervert and subvert the children of the light.

Now understand that these records of the original fall, the original betrayal of the LORD God Almighty by Peshu Alga, come due in 1984. And you will face the test of pride and of ambition, of the arrogance of the fallen ones—as you have never faced it before. This will be not only these elements untransmuted as black filings in the garment of thy self, but mainly and principally as the planetary momentum of the fall of the false hierarchy itself.

The judgment of Peshu Alga

Archangel Michael announced the judgment of Peshu Alga in a dictation on December 29, 1984:

Speaking now with the message of the Court of the Sacred Fire, the God Star, Sirius, speaking in the name of the Four and Twenty Elders, I announce to you, O children of the Sun, the day of days. Thus, in this very hour, the Judgment—the final judgment and the second death—has come of that one you have known as Peshu Alga.

Thus, the Keeper of the Scrolls has read these weeks record by record of the infamy of that fallen one in the trial at the Court of the Sacred Fire—that one who himself moved to tempt Lucifer away from the service of Light, that one who forever swore vengeance upon Almighty God because of the death of his only son, failing to apprehend eternal life and the reappearance of the son. Thus, his sworn enmity was one of the turning points (if not the turning point) in the rebellion of those fallen angels who have also followed him to the Court of the Sacred Fire....

Beloved ones, this judgment, long attended, has far-reaching ramifications across the galaxies. And in this very hour, beloved, there is a liberation and a freedom not known before to many of your own brothers and sisters who happen to be what seems to be so very far, far away. All of the Matter cosmos is the womb of the Mother, and within that womb souls of light are being formed and re-formed in the universal image of the eternal Krishna....

We have reached, therefore, the high point of darkness, and darkness now must recede. And now you will have the momentum of the victory of our God, the victory of our bands, and the removal of darkness as impetus to thrust ho, to move forward, to act for the light and for the Home, and to clear the way for many beings of light to descend to earth through the portals of birth.

It is an hour for cosmic change if you will have it. But I must tell you truly in the honor of God, as in all time and space, the Law does require the spoken Word, the mantra, the call to me, and the call to God in order for light to enter in. For you see, God has given to you absolute free will in the physical octave. If you desire change, you must call upon the Lord, your mighty I AM Presence, and call for the reinforcement of us as agents of light and of the Father-Son-Holy Spirit-Mother complement of the Godhead.

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