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Een ware adept is een ingewijde van de Grote Witte Broederschap van een hoge graad van verworven kundigheid, speciaal in de beheersing van Materie, fysieke krachten, natuurgeesten en lichaamsfuncties; volledig de alchemist die gevorderde inwijdingen van het heilig vuur ondergaat op het pad van de hemelvaart.

Mother Mary explains:

Take up, then, the simple and humble study of the teachings of my Son, the teachings of the Buddha and the teachings of the Eastern Masters. Enter in to that walk, beloved, and join the adepts of East and West. One and all, you have the opportunity for adeptship. You must only decide that that is your goal.

To be an adept means to have a certain mastery for the holding of Light, for the crystallization of the God-flame within you and for the entering in to the Mind of God. It means, beloved, that you are moved neither to the right nor to the left, neither up nor down by circumstances, by whatever negative is hurled at you. Adeptship is to be unmoved, to be in the center of the T’ai Chi, to know oneself supremely as God but never as a human god—for God has displaced the human. This is your goal of union....

I therefore now place upon you the full Electronic Presence of my Son at the age of thirty-three. Beloved ones, know that masterful Presence. Desire to become it. Fear not the initiations but know that through your heart of Christ and through your life and mission many shall be saved, should you decide to become that masterful Presence.

Precious hearts, I recommend that you do. For you labor in love, in such worthiness, in such sacrifice, in such long-suffering. You labor in all these things. Your labor has its reward, but you must claim the reward. And that reward is adeptship.[1]


Mark L. Prophet en Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Saint Germain over Alchemie

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