Angel of Listening Grace

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The Angel of Listening Grace is one of a band of angels who have come to minister to the needs of mankind in this hour.

I AM an angel of listening grace, an intelling presence, the Spirit of God that draws nigh unto mankind in the hour of the overcoming. I am one among many who have been sent in the flaming presence of the law of love to minister unto the needs of mankind in the hour when mankind are searching to know the Truth, the why of being, the wherefores of life....

We come in the flaming presence of the One whose Spirit, whose very essence, draws nigh unto the heart flame and the souls of mankind. We are angels of the Holy Spirit, angels of the Presence, the very essence of life. We come in numberless numbers, for great is the need. Great is the desiring of God to press the being and the soul of mankind into the mold of inner reality. And so we urge and so we speak in the inner ear the word of encouragement, of hope, urging the soul to pursue that which is worthy....

We are angels of the sacred fire. We know the thoughts, the feelings, the levels of consciousness almost infinite in the finite form. We see how layers and layers and layers of the being of man must be defined and the dark layers extracted by fire. Only the fire of God can resolve the dilemma of the age! Only the fire of God can move in as a needle ray to penetrate the earth and the consciousness of mankind and to withdraw those elements that are the energies of the spoilers, spoiling the barrel of humanity’s consciousness.

Therefore, place your hope in the eternal Presence and understand that that Presence has the full capacity within the law of cosmos to individualize itself as the angels of listening grace, angels of ministration and service, angels of the legions of the cosmic hierarchy. So we are the Presence and the very present help. And so as flaming spirits of fire, we can be the refiners of the electrode and the grid of consciousness. We can move through the density of consciousness and rally the molecules to perform the perfect work of the alignment of your being! We can rally the energy of the electron! We can rally the energy of the cell to make you whole![1]


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