Angel who rolled away the stone

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The Angel Opens the Grave of Christ, Benjamin Gerritsz Cuyp (c. 1640)

The angel who rolled away the stone from Jesus’ tomb has the assignment to care for the sons and daughters of God who are undergoing the passions of our Lord. This angel has also offered to help us roll away the stones of stumbling and boulders in the path of our own life, particularly the boulder of pride. He says:

Would you have me roll back your stones of stumbling, your boulders of pride, your mountains of fear and doubt? If the answer is yes, then call to me! For I am the roller of the stones that prevent the children of the light and the sons and daughters of God from going straight to the mark of Sirius, to the Great Central Sun and to the sun of Helios and Vesta....

Inscribe in your notebook a reminder to look at the boulders around you and say to yourself: “Now, what am I going to do with these boulders? I cannot move them. Jesus needed help to move his boulders. Who will help me to move mine?”

Smart ones of Saint Germain will say, “We have the violet flame! We have the alchemy of violet-flame transmutation whereby we may consume our boulders of pride. We can move those boulders, as Merlin did at Stonehenge centuries ago!” Call to Saint Germain to remove anything and everything in your life that is stopping you from serving the Great White Brotherhood.[1]


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