Archangels of the five secret rays

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Sanat Kumara spoke of the archangels of the five secret rays in a dictation in 1992:

I, Sanat Kumara, draw the circle in the earth, in the sand and in the sea. And that circle is the circle of fire round about the city where the Keepers of the Flame keep the flame and where the messenger will go.

Now see the diagram of the twelve-pointed star around the circle and know, beloved, that the archangels and archeiai of whom I have spoken this day are the five, who, with the seven, make the twelve, and the thirteenth is Uzziel. Thus, know, beloved, that these angels have come out of the cosmic heights with their bands and they are authorized to be in the earth in response to your presence here. You may call to them as the archangels of the five secret rays....

Thus, beloved, imagine the increase of light in the earth when five additional archangelic sets of twin flames become a part of this activity. The multiplication is stunning! It is a stunning geometry whereby those of the five secret rays multiply now the action of the archangels of the seven rays, and the seven archangels multiply the action of the archangels of the five secret rays.

Know, then, that they do stand with their divine complements, their backs to the center of the circle, with raised swords, and they direct the piercing light of their swords outward into action now. And thus they do send light throughout the planetary home. And the multiplication factor is Archangel Uzziel standing in the center with his twin flame; and they do magnificently embody the Presences of Alpha and Omega in that center.[1]


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